Cinnamon Air Fried Apple Rings


You are going to love this easy delicious snack.


> Self-raising flour
> Sugar
> Cinnamon powder
> Plant-based milk
> oil
> Water 

Unsweetened coconut flakes



Mix  flour, sugar, baking powder and milk, add enough sparkling water to make the batter.

First, peel the apple, remove the core with the core remover and sprinkle lemon juice.

You don’t need to preheat the air fryer, place the air fryer with the round parchment.

Dip the apple rings into the batter.

Oil the lining, place the rings on it and again oil the apple rings.

Air fry them until crispy and light brown. flip them in between  half of the time.

In a plate combine sugar and cinnamon, roll them straight away.

Once done, sprinkle powdered sugar and coconut flakes on top.

You can also add honey on top.


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