Drawing Closer to God (Prayer)

Heavenly father, we want to thank you for who you are. You are such a good father. We honor and acknowledge you today. Thank you for being alpha and omega, beginning and the end. We call you Elohim, you give us strength. You are Jehovah Jireh, nothing we need is beyond your provision. Lord you are El Elyon, the supreme God, and we thank you that everything we need can be found in you. Lord you are great, and we lift your great name on today! We praise you for giving us access to your infinite goodness. We are privileged to be joint heirs with your kingdom. We thank you for your love that pursues and surrounds us. We place our lives into your hands. We thank you that despite this ever changing world, you never change. We praise you because you and your promises are permanent. You are our solid rock, and there is no other ground that we would rather build our lives upon.

Today we offer our hearts to you. Forgive us for distancing ourselves from you at times. Purify our hearts, and cleanse us so that we can lead lives that are fully pleasing to you. Let seeking your heart be our primary ambition in life. Align our hearts with yours and let our greatest delight be — you. Increase our desire to seek after your beauty, we want to unfold the purpose of your heart. Let the fruit of your word be planted deep within us. May your fruit speak loudly in our lives and let your kingdom culture be evident in our ways. Help us to yield fully to your will, we want to be pleasing unto to you. We hunger and thirst after you father. You alone can satisfy our soul. Infiltrate our hearts so that we can reflect your likeness and your image. You are the potter and we are the clay. Mold us each day to reflect your character. Let each and every step we take, be a step closer to your heart. Lord, we thank you that we can call you friend. Your friendship is exemplary and it is a privilege to be known by you. Bring us into a higher dimension in you. You are so wonderfully complex, help us to experience you in new ways each and every day. We can’t get enough of you.

As we continue to journey through life, help us to always seek your kingdom first. Help us to remember the main purpose of why we were sent, and help us to never forget to be about our father’s business. We never want lose our sense of purpose nor lose sight of you. We thank you for being patient with us. We thank you that even when we stray, you are faithful. Thank you for never leaving us a day in our lives. Lord, even if you decide not to do another thing on our behalf, you have already done more than enough. We owe you everything! And so we submit to your full authority father. Help us to live fully, out loud, for you. We want to represent your kingdom well. Thank you for always having a listening ear. We rest in your boundless love today. We love and honor you, in your matchless name I pray, Amen.



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